Any patient found guilty of any of the following may be removed from the practice list.

  • Doctors or staff subjected to verbal or physical abuse by a patient. The practice considers aggressive behaviour to be any abusive or personal comments, swearing, physical contact or aggressive gestures.
  • Patient demonstrates deceit, for example forgery or lying.
  • Patient causes wilful damage to practice property.

Patients will then be provided with the following written information:

You will remain under the care of this practice for a period of seven days (from patient's receipt of notice of removal) or until another GP is obtained by you the patient. Only patients removed as violent patients and unable to personally obtain a new GP will be allocated a GP by the BSO.
You are advised to take your medical card to another surgery to request registration. If you are turned down by three practices you are advised to contact the Business Services Organisation who will assign a GP to you.

Contact details are:

Business Services Organisation
2 Franklin Street
Belfast BT2 8DQ

Tel: 0300 555 0113

If you have mislaid or lost your medical card, you are advised to apply for a new one ( BSO contact details as above).

You will be advised that a medical card is preferable as it allows the new GP quicker access to your medical notes.

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