A sickness certificate is normally only issued when someone is absent from work for more than one week.

Certificates are given out daily at 11:30am sharp.  No appointment is necessary.  Please register your request at reception? (Certificates will be issued by the first available doctor).If someone is off work due to illness for less than one week, a self-certificate should be adequate.

If an employer insists on a doctors certificate, a private certificate may be issued (and a fee payable).

For those working in Rep. of Ireland, self certificates are not always accepted.

In such cases, where a person is off for one week or less, a private certificate will be issued (and a fee payable).

Download the HMRC Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) form for under one week absence from work.


Rep of Ireland Sickness Certificates

The department of Illness and Injury Benefit updated their systems in September 2018, and are now able to accept certificates for durations of up to 26 weeks.

If your employer insists on a weekly certificate then a private certificate can be issued but a cash fee will apply. Fee must be paid before certificate can be issued.

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