Our Acting Practice Manager is Geraldine Hannigan and our Reception Manager is Christine Leneghan.

Our Care Navigators (formerly known as Medical Receptionists) include Geraldine Hannigan, Fiona Hogan, Nuala McAleese, Aoibheann Reavey,Patricia McShane and Jennifer McFerran.

The reception administrators include Aidan McVerry and Nathan Branagan. 

Our practice based Pharmacists are Mr Laurence Nicholson Anna McLaughlin and Breige Doran.  They may contact you from time to time to discuss your medication and monitoring of same.

A new role to the practice is that of a Mental Health Practicioner.  Both Maria Watters and AnneMarie Jackson will be based in the practice and from time to time they may telephone you to check in and see how you are doing. 

Our practice team strives to deliver a patient friendly experience while managing all aspects of your health care.  We are fully committed to the principals of the NHS and our goal is to provide a first class service for our patients.   

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